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Dec. 12, 2022

Holiday Triggers, Healing, and Navigating Family Dynamics

Holiday Triggers, Healing, and Navigating Family Dynamics
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Is it really the most wonderful time of the year? The holiday season can be tough (even for us), and we want to help. Being triggered and stressed during the holidays is more common than people realize. But there are many ways to enjoy this time of year regardless of family dynamics and other stresses. Keep focused on who or what is important to you, and try to find the joy in the "little things." And as always, be kind to yourself.

We're creating a community that we've all been craving! Head to Facebook and Click here to join My so-called healing community, and invite your friends too! This will be the go-to spot for conversations, connection, and more one-on-one with us!

We believe when you share openly with someone about your own struggles, you create a safe space that gives them permission to share openly and honestly also, and that's the most powerful catalyst to change and connection. We believe healing is a journey, not a destination. If you're struggling, know you are not alone, and this, too, will pass.

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