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This podcast is incredible. These girls are amazing. Can’t wait to keep listening and learning!!

This podcast is a MUST!

Whenever I listen to the podcast, it feels as if they are speaking directly to me. Knowing that they don’t know what’s going on in my life but what they are saying is hitting home and is exactly what I need to hear in that moment, makes me love this so much more. They are funny, they are relatable, and they are raw, and that’s what makes this so amazing! And Brooke’s soundboard is hysterical 😉 you won’t regret listening to this!

LOVE this podcast!!!

The RSVP: Maybe podcast is my weekly go-to! Brooke and Anna make me feel like I’m not so alone in this big world. It’s nice to feel like there are others who understand how I feel. They seem to so easily articulate thoughts and feelings that I’ve struggled with forever, while also offering support and guidance on how to navigate those thoughts and feelings. Thank you ladies! You’re the best! P.S. I LOVE the new intro 😉

A weekly must!

This has been added to my weekly *must listens!* Brooke is a wealth of knowledge in this space. Every episode is easily digestible whether you’re a beginner dabbling in personal development + healing or someone who has been intentionally healing + going inward for years. Give it a listen — you won’t regret it! xO

Love this podcast

Brooke is awesome and I’m loving this show! Brooke asks great questions diving deep with her guests to produce great content! I look forward to listening to each episode!!

STOP! I need a minute, and so will you!

“STOP! I need to take a minute here to catch my breath! What a show! I ran out of fingers counting the ways I just improved myself!”

This podcast is a NEED!

Um...can I put 20 stars?!? Brooke is refreshingly authentic it’s truly inspiring! I put this podcast on and it’s as if she talking directly to me giving me the pep talk I didn’t even know I needed. The topics are so relatable and I love the fact that Brooke is there to give me support but ready to kick my butt if I need it! Thank you Brooke for this podcast!!

Because that’s what it’s all about friends!!

What an enlightening and uplifting podcast in a world where it’s so badly needed!!! Very pumped to tune in for a weekly uplift!!!! 💗 Thanks for being so authentically you Brooke!!

Keeping it Real

Refreshing to finally hear authentic conversation about shame. Thank you Brooke for being vulnerable with us. Your courage is contagious!

Self love lift

Brook has proven day in and day out that self love is attainable. She’s a wonderful person to boot. Def recommend listening to ANYTHING of hers ♥️

Great Show

I stumbled upon this podcast and I am so happy I did! It’s refreshing to hear someone be so open and honest about the confidence issues women face every day! I’ll definitely be tuning in every Monday!

5 star

Wow! I love Brookes authenticity

Resting bface 😬😎❤️

Thanks so much for this podcast Brooke!!! I really enjoyed your insights and loved hearing some of your story. Does your hubby have any bruises after the testing bface comment. Hahaha you made me laugh out loud.

Awesome find!

I'm so happy I came across this podcast, a friend suggested it and it didn't disappoint. I felt like the topics she was discussing were very relatable and true to life, no matter who you are or where you're from. Also, the honesty and openess she speaks with is so refreshing, not being a people pleaser and saying what she truly thinks, whether listeners agree or not. Overall, I stronly recommend and have already added this to my subscribe list!

Can’t wait to hear more!

So much love for Brooke and the work that she does. She’s real and she’s raw and she’s honest, which is exactly what we need more of in this world. Her words resonate and inspire and I can’t wait to binge more episodes of this podcast!!

Great job!

Very inspirational and open!! This can help one who is seeking to better themselves!! Brook brings is foreword open and honestly to get the results you so desire for yourself. 💕

Can’t stop listening!

Very helpful podcast. Especially i’m these difficult times. Grateful i found Brooke on this podcast.

Mean girls be gone!

Coach Brooke is the best! She understands at so many layers what this is about. She knows it all. She lived it, can talk about it and can help with all of it...!!!

Honest, relatable and helpful

Brooke’s honesty and openness is so relatable me that you will be motivated to better yourself.

Love it!!

Can’t wait to listen every Monday!