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Oct. 28, 2022

Taylor Swift and the Fatphobia Dilemma? Have We Gone Too Far?

Taylor Swift and the Fatphobia Dilemma? Have We Gone Too Far?
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Here is an additional episode because the drama surrounding T. Swift's latest video antihero has brought up some feelings for lots of women including us!

When have we gone too far? When are artists going to be able to share their art with raw vulnerability again? Will they ever be able to share their emotions again without the impending backlash from social media and the faceless army of trolls who create campaigns to tear people down and hit cancel on their art, their careers, and their potential to create again?

Whatever happened to having different experiences and being ok with that? Why do we have to have backlash over everything?

If someone shares their innermost insecurities and demons do we then have the right to vilify them because they aren't fat enough? Sorry not sorry internet, we don't have the right to bully someone (celebrity or not) into submission. We all have feelings around our bodies and our own individual insecurities so when is that going to be enough? Why doesn't the conversation shift from shaming, blaming, and hating on someone to wow, you feel that way about your body too? Cancel culture is out and quite frankly we're sick of it.

Join us in this raw unfiltered discussion about women's bodies and eating disorders.

If you struggle with an eating disorder and need help please contact the national eating disorder helpline: (800) 931-2237 or If you are in crisis and need help immediately text NEDAto 741741.

As mentioned in the show today check out disordered eating podcasts that have helped Brooke with her own issues around food and body image like Eat the rules with Sumer Innanen.

Sound off on social media and tell us what you guys think about the whole video situation.

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